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“We are young, we are clueless, but we have a dream and the best team”

We are a group of young people, but we want to be the most successful young people of our era.

Young Dream Sales Inc, the core and the origin of S7-Icy Bubble is founded by Wilson Zhuang in 2013 at Hawaii.  After many years of hard work and dedication, the company has grown from the seeds, and spread the branches.


S7-Icy Bubble with its unique recipe, advanced franchise model, and the aloha spirit. It is determined to change the beverage industry in Hawaii, and provide a higher standard beverage level to our customers.



Made with one fresh orange, lemon, and spring tea.

“Da Bomb” Matcha

The “Da Bomb” collection has 3 different kinds of Toppings inside: Boba, Custard Pudding, Azuki bean. Made with traditional matcha and whole milk.

 Cloud Watermelon

Made with High-quality Green tea, Fresh Fruit & Creamy Foam. Enjoy the silky and light texture with lychee jelly.

" To be, or not to be. Is through action "

Tian Hong Fu

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555 N King St, Honolulu Hi 96817

1029 Makolu St, Pearl City Hi 96782

Customer service: 808-387-5555


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